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A Visual Journey

Based on Korean traditions, Hye Rin developed strong technical ceramic skills from high school. It’s been 9 years since she started living with clay. She traveled to a lot of countries that are famous for ceramics and realized that every region has its specific style of way to making ceramic arts. Now, she is making experimental works like moveable ceramic gears, and this work is her first step of the study.


I came to understand that, though most believe that each individual has their own universe, that those spaces were not finite, but unlimited and pluralistic. And the deepest revelation of all: that I was, in a sense, a collection of various human experiences, of the past and present moment.

Art is that which allows me to realize these things. It is a medium through which I can connect with artists of different eras and learn about the people who have existed alongside them or even with those who are to exist in the future. It mediates the infinite human imagination and serves as sustenance for the human soul. This is the reason why I have chosen the path of art for my life, among many paths in life, such as technology or other humanities. As such, I do not strive to prove my existence or find my life's purpose through art. I simply appreciate the fact that I can utilize this versatile medium as a means to create a forum for discussion between individuals.


2018 – Present (Expectation Graduation Date: May 2022): Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), BFA Ceramic Major Art History Minor and MAT Program Maryland, Baltimore
2020 Spring – Studio Arts College International (SACI), Study abroad
2016 Fall - Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
2015 Spring - Kyung Hee University, Art and Design, Ceramic Yongin-si, Republic of Korea
March 2012 to January 2015 - Korean Ceramic Art High School Icheon-si, Republic of Korea


October 2021 - Ware are we, Where we are,  MICA Fox Gallery, Baltimore, MD, USA

July 2021 - (Solo) GEAR: Connection of the color and the movement, Songdam Manli Gallery, Sejong, Korea

September 2019 - Juried Undergraduate Exhibition, MICA Fox Gallery, Baltimore, MD, USA

2016 – Current -The Exhibition of Hye Rin Woo, Studio ‘Healing Art’, Seoul, Korea

September 2016 - Tiny Biennale at Tyler and Temple Rome Campus, Temple Rome campus, Rome, Italy

November 2015 - ARTPARK CREW 2nd Exhibition, Gallery ‘Morris’, Daejeon, Korea

February 2013 - Ceramic Studio Exhibition, Gallery ‘Na-num’, Seoul, Korea

October 2012 - First Ceramic Art Exhibition, Gallery ‘San-sae', Chen-an, Korea

Professional experiences/

2021 Fall semester- Work-Study, Kiln manager at MICA, Baltimore, MD, USA 
2021 Spring semester - English Art teacher, Sejong Nuri Kindergarten part-time teaching, Sejong, Korea
Read aloud the English book for kids, and teach art to young kids how to use the various materials in the right ways. I teach color combinations and how to draw more realistic and make stories with kids' abstract drawings.
2020 Fall semester - Main Photo Editor of Photo Studio ‘JOA’, Sejong, Korea
Main Photo edit work for the family photoshoot.
After one hour of shooting, the photos were taken with the company's integrated server in real-time so that customers can receive the corrected photos immediately, and remove unnecessary backgrounds or edit them to an appropriate resolution.
2015- current - Online Commission works
Digital commission works for designing gaming posters, Guild marks, Character design, digital background works, editing photos, and stationery design.
2018 ~ 2020 - Running a business, 비피의 작은마켓, BP’s Small Market, Sejong and Seoul, Korea
Run a business in Korea with the character stationary design. I designed, made the website, went to the markets, and made a connection with other designers. Company Registration Number: 735-27-00573

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